Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Hand-Painted Yoga features modern watercolors with spiritual roots that are painted with an open heart to ground and inspire you in your life and in your home. Inspirational Quote collection and To the Moon and Back Collection are available as art prints, journals, calendars, greeting card sets, home accessories such as mugs, pillows, and magnets, and fashion accessories such as totes, tanks, and crossover bags.

Program Terms and Policies


The affiliate will earn 10% commission (not including tax, shipping, and handling) of each retail purchase exceeding $30 made at when the customer has used that affiliate's unique promo code or referral link. No commissions will be paid on sales not utilizing the link or code. Commission is allotted only for purchases of items at full retail pricing that are shipped within the United States of America.


Please only use the creative provided in the affiliate creative library. Hand-Painted Yoga affiliate creative is not to be edited. All photography, creative and content on is protected by copyright. 

Payments: Affiliates are paid the above fixed percent, for each confirmed paid referral (not including tax, shipping and handling) they make that is not canceled or refunded, so long as they remain an affiliate and this agreement is in effect. Commissions will be paid quarterly (provided they exceed $30). Payments may be slightly less taking into account third party processing fees. 

The cost of our products may change at any time and without notice. The affiliate payment for our products may change at any time without notice. Â Affiliates shall be responsible for all taxes and other similar levies as required by any law or regulation. Affiliate agrees as a condition of payment to accurately provide all identification and tax information necessary to allow us to comply with legal requirements.

Affiliates understand that payment tracking can never be 100% accurate and this may be affected by events beyond our control, such as customers not accepting cookies or other mechanisms through affiliate referrals are tracked. Hand-Painted Yoga will not be responsible for purchases that cannot be electronically verified through our existing software. No payments will be made on purchases not using the appropriate link or affiliate code regardless of any other evidence that a particular purchase was made upon the recommendation or referral from the affiliate.


Affiliates shall act exclusively as an independent contractor, and is not an employee or agent. Nothing in this Agreement shall create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or franchise between the parties. Affiliates shall not sign any document in our name of or on our behalf, nor shall any affiliate hold itself out as being our agent or as having apparent authority to contract for or bind us to any contract.

Affiliates may not promote our products from any website or other location that engages in illegal conduct, according to both law of the jurisdiction where we are based and the law of the jurisdiction in which the affiliate resides. Â Additionally, affiliates agree to not promote our products from any website or other location that also contains or promotes adult related products or services, whether or not there is nudity or in any way that is detrimental to the Hand-Painted Yoga brand.


Affiliates are solely responsible for their own advertising, which must be truthful and not deceptive. Affiliate advertising is not pre-approved or reviewed by us.

Affiliates shall not send unsolicited faxes advertising any of our products or services to anyone, or promoting affiliate's web pages or content on which our products are mentioned.

Affiliate shall not end unsolicited email advertising any of our products or services, or promoting affiliate's web pages or content on which our products are mentioned, irrespective of the law in Affiliate's jurisdiction.

The ability to advertise our products as an affiliate is non-exclusive and revocable in our discretion for any reason. All proprietary information, trademarks, copyrights and all other similar rights in and arising out of our products and services are, and shall continue to be, our exclusive property.


No discounts, rebates or other tangible extra benefits can be offered to encourage anyone to make a purchase of our products. Affiliates shall not copy, frame or otherwise make our website appear on another domain. Affiliates shall not take any action, using any practice or technology, which interferes with our website and/or tracking of referrals or affiliate commissions. Â This includes the use of toolbars, download technology, cookie stuffing, and any other system, practice, or scheme which results in a non-user caused event that creates a commissionable event. Affiliates are prohibited from accessing our website, or causing any access to our website, in violation of any of these terms. Affiliates shall not frame Hand-Painted Yoga or mask the Hand-Painted Yoga URL with your URL. Affiliates shall not use pop-up or pop-under technology to promote Hand-Painted Yoga. Affiliates shall not use "free shipping" in ad copy. Affiliates shall not place affiliate links on Hand-Painted Yoga's Facebook page (wall posts, comments, photo captions, etc.) These terms may change at any time and without notice in Hand-Painted Yoga's sole discretion. Payments will be approved on the 1st of every month.